Running Advice with GYMGUYZ Home Personal Training

A recent article offering running advice in the Times recently asked:

Why Do I Hate Running So Much?

The answer: “If you are trying it for the first time, running (like many forms of exercise) can feel like hard work. There will likely be a turning point, though, when your improved fitness level allows you to enjoy it.”

The article continues “If you’ve been running for a while and still find it a slog, you may benefit from listening to music. Sports psychologists say that there are two types of exerciser: associates, who are entirely tuned in to their workout, and disassociates, who like to switch off from the pain. If you are among the latter, research has shown that listening to music can help to distract the mind.”

Running with a Home Personal Trainer

If you are running to concentrate on weight loss, a home workout could be just what’s needed. A GYMGUYZ Home Personal Trainer will tailor a fitness plan to suit you. Providing a mobile gym workout that you will actually enjoy, encourages you to do the right exercises to achieve your goals.

A GYMGUYZ home personal trainer can help to make your running better, by looking at your running gait and overall form. This might reveal that somewhere inside; you may have muscular imbalances. GYMGUYZ home personal trainer may adjust the way your torso and arms are moving, to increase your running strategy.

For example, you may have overdeveloped quadriceps muscles and weak gluteal and hamstring muscles. Your GYMGUYZ personal trainer can show you exercises to help the glutes react more fully. Even more importantly, the trainer can observe your form and teach you cues to ensure that you are performing the exercise effectively.

Enjoy a training running plan with GYMGUYZ

A personal trainer can help to improve your running by designing a personalised training plan. This can be really important if you are wanting to qualify for an up and coming marathon.

A personal trainer may design a workout plan that will incorporate specific strength training and stretching. The plan will be devised to meet your fitness level and can be altered at any time during the training period.

So, if to be honest, the last thing you want to do is head off in the cold doing your daily run, alternatively, our mobile workout comes to you at home.

Whatever your reason for needing a personal trainer, be it sports conditioning for a future run or weight loss for wider health concerns, GYMGUYZ will help you to achieve them!

Running Advice with GYMGUYZ Home Personal Training

So what are you waiting for? Contact GYMGUYZ Home Personal Training today, and get ready to achieve your weight loss or personal fitness goals.