Get Your 2021 Summer Body Goals With GYMGUYZ


Written by Joyce Bosa

Did someone say we are having Summer 2021?!

Boris Johnson’s recent announcement of the roadmap to getting things back to normal and lifting the country-wide lockdown has given many of us hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With the lockdown finally lifting on June 21st it gives us the go-ahead to start getting ready for summer 2021. So, it’s only right for us to start working on our summer body for that holiday in Ibiza, Croatia, Greece, or wherever you find yourself this summer.

At GYMGUYZ Kingston we are giving you a head start on your summer body goals as we are one of few accredited and COVID-19 regulated mobile gyms that are still working in London during the lockdown. For this week’s blog topic, we are going to give you our top five tips on how to reach your summer body goals, and we’re also offering you a Free session with us! yes, we said Free, just book in your session here!

With only a couple of months until summer, there’s no time like the present to get motivated to exercise and become a better you, so here are our top tips to help you smash your goals.


1.   Improve your diet

Nutrition and diet count for 80% of your summer body progress. We all love indulging in our favourite desserts, junk food and snacks but if we want to hit those summer body goals, we recommend cutting down on those processed foods that are not good for you. Now don’t go completely cold turkey with this because that can cause you to relapse which will set you back on your targets.

We suggest making small changes on a gradual basis. For example, if you snack or eat junk every day of the week, cut it back to 2-3 days then 1-2 days then 1 day. Make gradual changes that will help you sustain better-eating habits long term. You can also substitute for healthier options. Swap the crisps for some carrot stick, swap the takeaway burgers for homemade options, swap the sweets for some grapes and strawberries.

When it comes to changing your diet, planning and preparing are very important. It will be beneficial to create a meal plan to track what you’re eating throughout the week to ensure you get the right nutrition and calories needed to reach your goal. In your meal prep plans, you can include options like brown rice, chicken, eggs, fish, tofu, vegetables and other healthy whole foods.

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 Disclaimer: Before starting any new diet or meal plan always check with your GP first. 


2.   Stay hydrated

Maintaining hydration promotes a healthy weight loss journey, taking you one step closer to your summer body goal. It is advised to drink around 2 litres of water per day as it helps with flushing away any toxins in your body and increases your concentration throughout the day.

Drinking more water helps to reduce belly fat, by making you feel fuller it reduces your caloric and saturated fat intake which are the main contributors to belly fat. If you’re not a big fan of the taste of water you can shake it up and make it work for you by getting an infuser water bottle and adding flavour to your water with fruits such as oranges, lemons strawberries and many of your favourite fruits.


3.   Set Targets and Goals

When starting the journey to your summer body goal, we advise that its best to set targets and record your progress consistently, so you can track your achievements and progress to reaching your summer body goal. One way you can do this is by weighing yourself on the same morning each week or measure your waist, arms or legs every week. This will help you see how close you are to reaching your goal.

We also advise you to set a clear goal on what you want to gain from your diet and fitness regime. You should write this target goal somewhere you are likely to see it daily so it can give you that extra motivation.

4.   Create a Workout Plan

We believe choosing the right workouts and times that fit your fitness regime needs will help with reaching your summer body goal. It is recommended you exercise in good moderation where you are not overworking yourself or your body. So, start with working out 3 days a week and once you are consistent with that you can increase the intensity to 5 days a week making sure to take rest days for recovery.

There are a variety of summer body workouts you can include in your daily exercising regime. The exercises below help the toughest places such as.

Stomach: planking, crunches and V sit-ups will give you the flat stomach you want to show off on the beach because it helps you to get a tight and toned core area.

Glutes: We would recommend doing a variety of squats using kettlebells, resistant bands and also bodyweight squats to get the best results. Constantly doing squats works wonders on your glutes area making them firmer.

Overall body workouts: jumping jacks and mountain climbers are a great fitness activity to build stamina, burning belly fat and help with your heart health. Our personal trainers are available at your disposable and can help you create a bespoke fitness regime that will help you get your summer 2021 body goal. So, before you even think about that strawberry daiquiri cocktail, book your first fitness assessment with us! 

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