Mobile & In-home personal training in Elstree and surrounding areas

Convenient, customised and creative workouts in your home, office, park or virtually at a time to suit you.

COVID 19 - for your safety our trainers follow strict COVID guidelines, wearing masks disinfecting equipment and social distancing.

Personal training in Elstree and surrounding areas

Convenient, Customised and Creative "at home" personal training

GYMGUYZ is the UK’s leading ‘at home’ personal training provider, bringing our bespoke personal training services directly to the homes of our clients across Elstree and the surrounding areas.    

We work with clients of all ages and fitness levels and have bespoke programmes tailored for those that want to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or just build their confidence to become more active and energetic.

The difference with GYMGUYZ is that we bring the skills, knowledge, expertise, motivation and all the equipment we need, to you! So there is no need to visit a gym as we bring everything we need alongside our fully qualified, brilliant trainers to your home.

Our first session is free and there is no obligation after this – we just use this time to understand your goals, discuss an initial plan that works around your schedule and then kick-start a workout so you understand how we can help you achieve your health, wellbeing and fitness targets.

Once started we track your progress by regularly reviewing your results and we help with nutritional planning and providing all the advice you need to begin to create the lifelong habits to ensure you will continue to look and feel your best for the rest of your life!

What do you have to lose? Just think what you could gain!

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What is GymGuyz?

AT GYMGUYZ, we offer mobile personal training, where we welcome individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of ability, age and experience. We track your progress by regularly assessing your measurements, calorie intake and goals. We then, if necessary, will restructure your fitness plan.


Working out should be stress free and enjoyable, which is why we bring the workout to your favourite location, whether that’s your home or the local park.


Whether you’re a morning, afternoon or night person, we’re flexible with the current daily routine you already have.


No need to purchase equipment, we bring everything you need for a a unique workout experience crafted just for you.


We create a tailor-made personal workout plan with you that aligns to your skill level to help you achieve your goals.

Our training services

Matching your goals, interests & strenghts

At GYMGUYZ, we know everybody is unique which is why we offer a range of training services and methods to ensure you can reach your goals. Our personal trainers work to understand you, your body and your fitness history to ensure that you are investing your time and money in the most effective workouts for you.

The key to a successful workout is customisation and it is one of the most important reasons for people hiring a personal fitness coach. By working with our personal trainers on a personalised plan, you will prevent injury, resist plateaus, and set SMART goals.


Client testimonials

We love our trainer and we love the ease of having our workout in our home.


Our trainers

Luke Robertson

I have been involved in health and fitness for over 15 years and been a fully qualified personal training for the last 4 years. I am a body transformation specialist and guarantee results. We will work together and help transform your life whatever your goals may be. I specialise in weight loss, muscle building and high-intensity training. I’ve worked with clients of all ages ranging from 19 to 78.
Whether your goal is recovering from a pregnancy, trying to build some muscle or just want to feel better in yourself I am here to help!

Brandon Chand

Brandon’s passion for health and fitness started around his early years as an aspiring professional footballer. As a fitness coach, he takes pride in helping to transform the lives of others both from a physical and mental aspect whilst making sure his clients smash their goals through high intensity training.

Gemma Junyent

I am a wellbeing specialist and I help my clients in a holistic way. That means mind and body working in synergy. My sessions focus on body alignment and mechanics to get people moving efficiently to avoid injuries or recover from existing ones. I trained as a Psychodynamic counsellor and NLP. I am a personal trainer, yoga and pilates teacher and also Les Mills GRIT (HIIT training) Body Balance and Zumba.

Dean Colby

Became a personal trainer 7 years ago, after picking up injuries in football and finding I out on weight. I managed to lose an impressive 8kg in 2 months with no help from others. This inspired me to want to help others. I love watching people body change which exercise not just physically but also mentally.

Olivia Martin

Liv’s love for fitness began at a young age when she joined her first football team, and is still competing at a high level. Liv will make sure you’re pushed to your limits and keep you motivated while still having a smile on your face. Specialises in Strength and Conditioning, Outdoor Fitness and Circuit training.

Alvin Soosay

Bsc Hons graduate sports science, level 2 gym instructor, 2x regional bodybuilding champion, 2x British national finals competitor, former army infantry soldier. Very knowledgeable and experienced in training a variety of people, both individually and on a group basis. Specialising in several components of health and fitness such as weight loss and muscle gain, bodybuilding, strength training, functional fitness, military style fitness and combat/martial arts fitness.

Issa Brian

From an early age, I have been involved in different sports such as football, boxing, athletics and calisthenics which has allowed me to gain a passion for fitness and health. After several years of being involved in sports, working out intensively and taking care of my personal health, I decided to become a personal trainer which gave me a chance to change peoples lives by helping them to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Also, I believe that exercise and nutrition together play an essential part in people’s lives. If you want to see results and face challenges then come and work out with me. Remember, don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one!

Hilary Arredondo

Hilary has 7 years professional experience within the fitness industry, however her involvement in sport and fitness has come from an incredibly young age. Her passion comes from her background in athletics, having being ranked top 12 in the UK at the age of 16, she knows from first-hand knowledge what hard work and determination looks like and how it can change people’s lives. In recent years, being a 3 x bikini fitness champion in Canada, California and UK, She believes that change really happens when you are pushed out of your comfort zone regardless of the goal you are trying to achieve. The reward and feeling of accomplishment once something challenging is completed is what she calls success, and she wants to be that person to help you get there!

Stefano Talio

My name is Stefano Talio, I am a senior coach at GymGuys UK. I have always been interested in sports and fitness. I developed this interest into a lifestyle, and now help others become healthy, happy and confident within themselves. This was my target from the moment I qualified as a personal trainer and hasn’t changed.

I am vastly experienced within the fitness industry from training clients at home, in a gym, right through to managing fitness teams. I just love the interaction between people and watch myself and others grow and achieve all goals set between us, whilst keeping sessions with my clients engaging, fun and versatile.

Melanie Reis

Melanie was a ballet dancer until her early 20s and became a triathlete for 15 years after that. Meanwhile she completed various fitness qualifications and ended up working for the NHS. Ever since she works as a fitness instructor, Pilates/Ballet/Yoga teacher and is passionate about keeping the elderly moving. Speciality: mobility instructor for the elderly, strength and balance training.

Melvin Baldy Gray

Personal training is a huge passion of mine. I love helping people and seeing the transformation not only in their physical appearance, but in their metal health and overall self confidence. Fitness is one of the purest things around as you cannot cheat it. The work you put in is directly affected by the results you see.